Zeal Rally
to Mar 23

Zeal Rally

Welcome to Zeal 19 — a gathering of unconventional Adventist who are activating themselves to be culture-shifters within our denominational structure. Like King David in Psalms 69:9, attendees are allowing their frustrations to motivate action instead of indifference.

Zeal 19 will take place March 22-23, 2019 at the Biltwell Event Center in Downtown Indianapolis, IN. It will bring together Adventists who have identified a need for climactic shifts to take place within our theology, our structure, our methods, and our policies. For two days, we will be inspired by compelling presentations, uplifted by meaningful interactions, and empowered by transformational worship. ZEAL 19 is for believers who want to shift Adventism’s current status quo and are willing to activate themselves in order to lead creative, innovative change in their local context.

ZEAL 19 is facilitated with an aim to nurture a revolutionary encounter where fresh perspectives on contemporary Adventism are shared, affirmed, and encouraged.  Each attendant will have the opportunity to experience paradigm shifting content, expand their network of like-minded believers, excite their own innovative ideas, and exhilarate their personal relationship with God. Check out the full Zeal19 schedule below!

This rally is a game-changer!  And you can’t afford to miss it!  It’s only $35! So grab some friends, make your reservations, and mark your calendar for ZEAL 19, March 22-23, 2019 in Indianapolis, IN.

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